Do Bulldogs Make Good Pets?

Do Bulldogs Make Good Pets?

Apparently, one simple thing to consider before adopting a bulldog at home is your tolerance to such animals. So what do you expect from a canine companion? If you really want to test your compatibility with bulldogs, read this article and determine if you can be a good pet parent for this particular dog. Don’t forget to verify if your home is bulldog friendly because this breed must not be kept in warm environment.

If you want a dog buddy that can come with you during your hiking activities, swimming adventures, or field trips, bulldogs are not a good choice for you. But if you want a canine companion that can locate T-bone steaks when you’re out for some grilling, then they are the perfect one for you! Always be sure of what you are exactly looking for prior to your pet adopting decisions.

Bulldogs As Pets

How They Make A Good Pet?

Bulldogs are actually easy going, smooth, and laid back. Their worst enemy is actually extreme heat weather conditions. You might kill them by just having ultra hot temperature at home so be considerate when it comes to your home environment. Also, if you love to go for some joy rides during your free time, you can take your bulldog with you because they love car rides wherever you want to go.

They are not hard to take care of since bulldogs are fond of sleeping in easy chairs, on your couch, or even in your bed. This dog breed also needs socialization and more love so that they will give you the same treatment. Bulldogs are actually alert even if they seem to be in deep sleep. They can detect any disturbance in their environment so your home stays safe when you keep one in the house.

Bulldogs With Children

Openness with Children

Your children can get along well with bulldogs and these animals can even protect them from any harm. Security is best offered by bulldogs and is also perfect as guard dogs. However, they are not fond of any sports activities just like other dogs so this is another tip to consider when you’re looking for an excellent pet at home. But they tend to do well in apartment or home setting because of their sociable nature.

Longevity and Cost

The life span may depend on health, exercise, diet, and other important factors though they usually last from 6 to 10 years. If you want them to live longer, be sure to provide them the best care and love they truly deserve. However, although they make good pets, they are expensive to acquire since prices of this breed may range from $2000 to $3000. If you can afford one, give them proper care to avoid sudden mortality.

Bulldogs Make Friendly Pets

So, Will You Buy One?

If you have kids at home, bulldogs can be a great companion to have. They are very friendly and sociable since they tend to copy the behavior of their pet parents. If you show them love and friendliness, they will return the favor. So if you’re still unconvinced if bulldogs make good pets, you can ask your friendly neighbor who currently takes care of a bulldog at home. They will surely give you the exact answer you needed to know.


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