About The Lovely Breed Of Bulldogs

About Bulldogs

General Information About Bulldogs 

If you are looking for general information about bulldogs and their nature, you’ve visited the right site. For pet lovers out there, bulldogs can be a good choice regarding their special abilities and temperament. However, if you simply want a good pet dog at home, you need to consider the overall character of bulldogs before buying them from your trusted pet depot.

Bulldogs are medium-sized dogs which are commonly known as British or English bulldogs. Other breeds consist of French bulldog, Leavitt bulldog, Old-English bulldog, and American bulldog. Physically, bulldogs are muscular and heavy with characterized wrinkled face as well as pushed-in nose. In the US, this dog breed is actually the fifth popular purebred based on accounts of AKC (American Kennel Club).

About English Bulldogs

Appearance and other Physical Features

When it comes to appearance, bulldogs show wide shoulders and head with well-defined mandibular prognathism. On their brow, there are commonly thicker folds of pelt especially on their rounded, black set of eyes. The diminutive muzzle has distinctive folds known as “knot above the nose” which hang under their neck. Bulldogs have pointed teeth and drooping lips and are rarely underbite.

The fur is typically sleek, flat, and short with several colors including piebald, brindle, white, fawn, and red. In the UK, standard bulldogs weigh 50 pounds for males and 40 pounds for female dogs. On the other hand, American bulldogs usually weigh 45-55 pounds for mature males while 20-25 pounds for females. When it comes to temperament, the disposition of bulldogs must be courageous, resolute, kind, and equable.

About Bulldogs

Behavior and their Needs

Their demeanor must be dignified and pacific. Such attributes must also be tolerated through behavior and expression. Most bulldogs have a patient and friendly nature. However, they are widely recognized as good family pets due to their propensity to build strong relationships with people especially the children. In fact, these dogs are known for being friendly with other dogs, pets, and children at home.

If you wish to have a bulldog at home, it’s important to know that they tend to become so attached with family members. This is a perfect choice if you have kids at home who also love to play with pet dogs. They can actually sleep on your lap instead of chasing the ball around your lawn. In terms of health, bulldogs can acquire certain health problems such as cancer and cardiac related diseases. Their median age is only at six years and three months according to studies.

Bulldog Training Guide

Keeping them Alive

In order to keep diseases out of your bulldog, be sure to get them exercised daily. Avoid overweight dogs because it will only lead to lung and heart problems. Due to small nasal cavity, they are extremely sensitive when it comes to hot temperatures. If you want to have a bulldog at home, be sure to keep a comfortable environment to keep them in perfect condition. Give them plenty of water and shade to avoid illnesses.

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