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Caring For a Puppy Bulldog

This article is dedicated to our family member bulldog Yahtzee whom just passed. I personally was so devastated that I had to take time off my Hawaii airport shuttle business to cope and honor him. We love you Yahtzee!

Caring For a Puppy Bulldog

There are many kinds of dog breeds to select from, not to mention the huge number of combined or mixed species available. When you are looking for a breed of dog that will make a remarkable companion, a bulldog puppy will be a remarkable choice. When you do decide on bulldog puppy, you will see that this is a remarkable pet for the whole family and this dog breed gets along well with all and sundry.

Loves Attention and Care

One of the important features or characters of a bulldog puppy is that they want more attention. Bulldog is a remarkable companion for families with kids. Bulldog is also extremely good with other pets. With attention and love, a bulldog could be extremely loyal as well as loving to their owners.  (more…)

How to Train your Bulldog?

How to Train your Bulldog?

Bulldog is a powerful, lovely and muscular pet; a family could have into their homes. Of course, the training could be funny and entertaining; however, you have to handle them with proper care. This is due to the natural instincts of this breed of dog. If you get the best knowledge and skills on how to train a bulldog, the reward will be a benefit to you. So, knowing some tips is very much essential.

The moment you bring your puppy home, you should immediately begin with potty training as well as housebreaking your pet.  The perfect method to house train your dog is through crate technique. You have to ensure that the crate is big enough for your dog to move around securely. You also need to ensure that your dog has space to lie down. You need to line half of the crate or cage with newspaper. You need to place the crate in a place where the dog doesn’t feel restricted from the family. Witness the area where the dog has done their business, normally they keep returning back to the same area. Sooner or later, you might see that they can cut down on the number of papers you place down.  (more…)

Caring For Your Bulldog

How To Care For Your Bulldog

Knowing Bulldog Care 

Bull dog is considered as one of the most common purebred dogs. It is common among families and celebrities. The broad shouldered, burly bulldog with it distinctive under bite and pugnacious gait has long been a symbol of sports teams as well as military units.

Similar to its temperament, the bulldog care is also distinct to any other breed of dog. However, their quiet and tempered character which belies their tough image makes them a good pet for families with young kids. Bulldog is so expressive and once you look straight on their eyesm, you can almost see what they are thinking. Their growing popularity with celebrities has added to their publicity and they are the second most popular breed of dog in Los Angeles.

Bulldog Care

A bulldog puppy makes a remarkable companion. A noticeable feature of this breed of dog is that they want more attention and can get along very well in a home with kids and other pets. When dog owners provide the right attention and care, you are assured of an extremely loyal pet in return. Bulldog care needs a bit of firmness. It will be hard to deal once you spoil them. In case they are used to lots of attention and lose it, like for example if the owner have a baby, it can act out through barking or biting. So, attention have to be consistent as well as firm, so the dog senses it places in sees as it group.  (more…)

10 Tips about Bulldogs

10 Tips about Bulldogs

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So you want to have a pet bulldog at home. If you really want to maximize their potential to become an excellent canine companion, you will need to know some important tips about your bulldog. Improving their aggression is one of the most common concerns of bulldog owners.  The protective skills of this dog breed actually make them a perfect guard dog that you need at home whenever you’re out and about.

10 Bulldog Tips

Hence, the following are the top 10 tips you needed to know before you buy a bulldog from your local pet shop: (more…)

Do Bulldogs Make Good Pets?

Do Bulldogs Make Good Pets?

Apparently, one simple thing to consider before adopting a bulldog at home is your tolerance to such animals. So what do you expect from a canine companion? If you really want to test your compatibility with bulldogs, read this article and determine if you can be a good pet parent for this particular dog. Don’t forget to verify if your home is bulldog friendly because this breed must not be kept in warm environment.

If you want a dog buddy that can come with you during your hiking activities, swimming adventures, or field trips, bulldogs are not a good choice for you. But if you want a canine companion that can locate T-bone steaks when you’re out for some grilling, then they are the perfect one for you! Always be sure of what you are exactly looking for prior to your pet adopting decisions.

Bulldogs As Pets

How They Make A Good Pet?

Bulldogs are actually easy going, smooth, and laid back. Their worst enemy is actually extreme heat weather conditions. You might kill them by just having ultra hot temperature at home so be considerate when it comes to your home environment. Also, if you love to go for some joy rides during your free time, you can take your bulldog with you because they love car rides wherever you want to go. (more…)

About The Lovely Breed Of Bulldogs

About Bulldogs

General Information About Bulldogs 

If you are looking for general information about bulldogs and their nature, you’ve visited the right site. For pet lovers out there, bulldogs can be a good choice regarding their special abilities and temperament. However, if you simply want a good pet dog at home, you need to consider the overall character of bulldogs before buying them from your trusted pet depot.

Bulldogs are medium-sized dogs which are commonly known as British or English bulldogs. Other breeds consist of French bulldog, Leavitt bulldog, Old-English bulldog, and American bulldog. Physically, bulldogs are muscular and heavy with characterized wrinkled face as well as pushed-in nose. In the US, this dog breed is actually the fifth popular purebred based on accounts of AKC (American Kennel Club).

About English Bulldogs

Appearance and other Physical Features

When it comes to appearance, bulldogs show wide shoulders and head with well-defined mandibular prognathism. On their brow, there are commonly thicker folds of pelt especially on their rounded, black set of eyes. The diminutive muzzle has distinctive folds known as “knot above the nose” which hang under their neck. Bulldogs have pointed teeth and drooping lips and are rarely underbite.

The fur is typically sleek, flat, and short with several colors including piebald, brindle, white, fawn, and red. In the UK, standard bulldogs weigh 50 pounds for males and 40 pounds for female dogs. On the other hand, American bulldogs usually weigh 45-55 pounds for mature males while 20-25 pounds for females. When it comes to temperament, the disposition of bulldogs must be courageous, resolute, kind, and equable. (more…)

Hello Bulldog Owners!

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