10 Tips about Bulldogs

10 Tips about Bulldogs

Article written by Ross O. of Honolulu Plumber

So you want to have a pet bulldog at home. If you really want to maximize their potential to become an excellent canine companion, you will need to know some important tips about your bulldog. Improving their aggression is one of the most common concerns of bulldog owners.  The protective skills of this dog breed actually make them a perfect guard dog that you need at home whenever you’re out and about.

10 Bulldog Tips

Hence, the following are the top 10 tips you needed to know before you buy a bulldog from your local pet shop:

  1. Bulldog dominance and aggression is one important factor that comes naturally. However, majority of them are bred out eventually due to some reasons. Dominance is a bulldog’s game and they can be a perfect competitor in baiting and herding.
  2. Aggression can be obvious during their early puppy days. But the older ones completely show this behavior well.
  3. Young bulldogs can put anything in their mouth so you better keep your stuffs out of sight once you adopt a new puppy at home. Puppies actually learn from this behavior including tasting, nibbling, and biting things which they shouldn’t. This is experienced during their teething period.
  4. You can become upset and frustrated when they show these annoying behaviors but you should keep your patience in control. It’s natural to see puppies in an irritating manner but never lose your temper just because they nibbled your favorite throw pillow in the sofa set.
  5. If you decide to give them physical punishment, they will eventually learn how to protect themselves which is in fact a good way.
  6. Daily exercise is all they need to keep healthy and active. But don’t expect them to run miles with you because they are not sporty by nature.
  7. Prevent them from becoming overweight because they just might suffer from lung and heart problems. This will only cost you several trips to your local vet.
  8. Toys can keep them from chewing your personal things at home. Keep them from boredom or else they will destroy your home stuffs which you will not like at all.
  9. Give your bulldog some boundaries and rules to obey. This will help him behave in a good way while keeping you happy as a pet parent.
  10. Reward them every time they show you good behavior. This will keep them to do good at home and please your standards.

10 Things About Bulldogs

Whenever you want to play with your bulldog, be sure to give him different toys. Same stuffs will just bore him and that will lead to unacceptable behavior. Develop their skills in a better way by spending quality time with them whenever you’re at home. Play with them and let them sleep on your lap. That will develop better relationship between you and your beloved pet.

If they tend to have a bad behavior, downplay it immediately. Never let a day pass without giving them the right punishment. For instance, stop playing with them within ten minutes to show that they’ve done something wrong. The more you teach them the right things, the better they will grow as a pet.


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